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Clip-tite’s cost effective aesthetically pleasing aluminium fabric framing systems are ideal for the Signage, Print Production and Interior Decorating markets.

Clip-tite’s Fabric Frame systems can be used as room dividers, decorative displays or information walls. Due to their adaptability, the frames are perfectly suited for the exhibition environment, remodelling corporate and retail areas.

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Clip-tite’s Fabric Frame allows fabric prints to be easily inter-changed and re-used for different promotional campaigns and events.

The FABRICFRAME is ideal for exhibition and signage applications due to its ease of transportation, assembly, installation and graphic changing.

Our Fabric Frames are available in Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Single Sided FABRICFRAME extrusions as well as a Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Double Sided extrusion. In addition to the non-illuminated extrusions, there is also a single sided Light Box extrusion which can be either Fluorescent illuminated or LED illuminated.  And we can make up any size to your orders.

Our Fabric Frames are manufactured to the highest quality and are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials.

Stand options:

Elliptical Foot

Circular Foot

Spike Foot

Flat Foot

Clamp options:

Single Sided – Light Duty

Double Sided – Light Duty

Single Sided – Medium Duty

Double Sided – Medium Duty

Single Sided – Heavy Duty

Double Sided – Heavy Duty

Fabric Frames

Fabric Frame Cubes

Fabric Frames

Curved Banner Wall

Fabric Frames

Fabric Frames