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Our Banner Frames are made to customer specifications – the aluminium Banner Frames can be customised to any colour or finish to match the installation environment. The unique super strength banner clamps can be placed anywhere along the frame length to tension the banner graphic perfectly.

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Our Banner Frames are ideal for high-traffic situations where graphics are changed regularly. This includes shopping centres, retail malls, showrooms, airports, roadside, lifts, escalators, shops and offices. Installation is simple and quick and can be done by a single installer. Changing graphics is easily undertaken without any damage to the graphic allowing the banner to be released at a later date.

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Tension Clamps:

Our patented super strength alloy clamps grip on the banner edges behind the elegant frame, and tension the banner without damaging it or the need to perforate or insert eyelets. Allowing you to reuse your banners in the future.

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