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Light boxes are also known as menu lightboxes, backlit lightboxes, illuminated lightboxes, illuminated displays, edj-lite lightboxes. The initial cost of the LED lightbox is marginally higher than a conventional lightbox using fluorescent tubes, however the extra cost will more than adequately be covered by the savings in electricity consumption.

LED’s are likely to work for 24hrs per day, 7 days a week for around 5 years, saving considerably on maintenance costs. The 12 volt system is low voltage and very safe. The LED lightbox is far more robust than a conventional lightbox and can be handled a lot more roughly and will still work

Light Boxes

Curved Light Box

Light Boxes

Standard Light Box

Light Boxes

23mm Edj-Lite

R781.00R3,458.00 excl VAT

Light Boxes

40mm Edj-Lite

R812.00R3,496.00 excl VAT

Light Boxes

60mm Edj-Lite

R854.00R2,377.00 excl VAT