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Clip-Tite Display Systems – Light Boxes

Cost-Effective, energy Saving Range of Light Box Products

Clip-Tite Display Systems offers a wide variety of light boxes for every event or occasion, from single-sided light boxes to large format light boxes and Edj-Lite products.

LED’s are likely to work for 24hrs per day, 7 days a week for around 5 years, saving considerably on maintenance costs.

R786.00R4,158.00 excl VAT

Light Boxes

Curved Light Box

Light Boxes

Standard Light Box

Light Boxes

23mm Edj-Lite

R932.00R2,677.00 excl VAT

Light Boxes

40mm Edj-Lite

R1,131.00R4,013.00 excl VAT

Light Boxes

60mm Edj-Lite

R1,125.00R3,966.00 excl VAT